Our Board of Governance

  • HDRC Service’s Community Governance Board is made up of honorary members who bring diverse, complementary professional skills to their role. Elected annually, the Board ensures that our organisation operates legally, ethically, with due diligence, and transparency. Current members include:

  • Jenny Kempster, President

    Jenny Kempster - President

    Jennifer Kempster has headed the Board of HDRC Services since 2012. Jenny is currently the Clinical Nurse Consultant for Aged Care at Port Macquarie Community Health. She has a special clinical interest in dementia, as well as the broader disability community care sector, having held various clinical and administrative roles within the NSW Department of Health and the not-for-profit sector in metropolitan and regional areas. Jenny believes that good governance of community-based organisations is vital in supporting our ageing population. “As a Board, our goal should be to assist the management team to realise HRDC Services’ strategic vision of responsive and innovative service delivery.”

  • Rob Rodgers, Treasurer

    Rob Rodgers - Treasurer

    As practising Chartered Accountant, Rob Rodgers brings a wealth of business experience to the Board. Particularly as his career has also encompassed roles in the business advisory sector, transport and logistics, quality control systems, rural innovation and design, and the manufacture of sporting and other specialised clothing. Rob has served on the boards of several companies and voluntary organisations, and has won two Australian governance and management awards. Seeing his father grapple with dementia was the catalyst for Rob to join the HDRC Services’ Board in 2014. “It’s hugely satisfying to serve alongside such dedicated and innovative people. A culture of care flows from the Board and management team to every level HDRC Services and I’m honoured to work with such positive, passionate people.” 

  • Jenny Nalder

    Jenny Nalder - Treasurer

    In the formative years of HDRC Services, Jennifer Nalder and her accountant husband Mike answered a desperate call to the Port Macquarie community.

    “Mike and I decided to become a host family,” Jennifer explained. “On weekends, we joined other local families in taking children with disabilities into our home to give their parents a much-needed break.”

    This deep empathy for families in need earned Jennifer an invitation to join HDRC Services’ honorary Board of Management. After more than 25 years in varying roles, she is now one of its longest-serving and most respected members.

    For Mrs Nalder, the most satisfying aspects of the Board’s work has been the organisation’s steady growth and development as short- and long-term plans came to fruition. “It has been a pleasure to work with an amazing group of dedicated people on the Board over the years, as well as with our very capable CEO, management team, support workers and volunteers. I believe that the people of the Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Camden Haven have access to the very best respite care available anywhere.”

  • Laurie Sullivan

    Laurie Sullivan is a journalist and editor with extensive experience in the print media, Public Relations and Corporate Communications. After joining the Board in 2015, he has helped HDRC Services position itself prior to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Serving on the Board has given him an insight into the value of respite support for primary carers. “I was the fulltime carer for my partner during lengthy periods of depression. Unfortunately, respite care wasn’t available in the rural area we lived in. Being on the Board has made me appreciate just how vital regular respite support can be for those people in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and the Camden Haven who care for a loved one with dementia or a disability for years on end.”

  • William Culf - Board Member

    William Culf - Committee Member

    A solicitor since 1982, Bill Culf is the sole owner of Port Macquarie Legal and Conveyancing Services and has extensive experience in almost every area of the law. Bill’s other role is as a carer and he brings intimate knowledge of this important responsibility to HRDC Services’ management committee. “I am all too aware of the limited services available for people with a disability – and for carers. I’m keen to do what I can to help HDRC Services remain strong so it can continue to provide the services that are so important to those living with disabilities and their families.”

  • Pat Theoret

    Temp Image

    Pat Theoret is a champion for the most vulnerable in society. As a teacher’s aide she helped to integrate children with disabilities into mainstream classes, and later with ACES she supported adults with disabilities to develop life skills that enriched their lives. Pat also spent a decade as a volunteer with our Leisure Link program, which facilitates social involvement for young adults with disabilities. She is currently supporting a not-for-profit organisation that provides free information, advocacy, education, and advice to people injured in a workplace, vehicle and/or accidents involving negligence. Pat’s lifetime of support for the disadvantaged is summed up in a simple philosophy: “Everyone deserves the best possible chance to live a happy life and achieve their goals.” Pat is proud to be a member of HDRC Services’ Board. “It’s absolutely vital that we continue to offer innovative programs that deliver positive outcomes to enhance the lives of people living with a disability or dementia, and their carers.”

  • Nik Sandeman-Allen

    Nik Sanderman-Allen - Committee Member

    Nik completed secondary schooling at The Kings School Canterbury. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe learning various languages whilst working in the relevant countries. After 50+ years in executive management positions in Europe and Australia, Nik established his own business in the aged care and disability sector. Eventually designing and manufacturing a range of specialist seating products, featuring pressure management cushioning for which he owned the patent.

    He returned to Australia and opened an aged care and mobility business, run with his wife for 10 years prior to selling it to a leading Australian wholesaler.

    Over the past 10 years Nik has been involved with Rotary, the Access Committee (as President) of the local council and three not-for-profits, as a Board Member, President and Vice President.

  • Kerri-ann Jones

    Kerri-ann Jones is a post-graduate qualified Human Resources practitioner who joined the Board of HDRC Services in 2016. Along with a background in HR in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Kerri-ann brings considerable governance experience, having contributed to several community-based organisations at Board and Management Committee level. Kerri-ann said: “Having helped care for elderly in-laws, I know how important respite services can be for families – especially in regional areas. I’ve been most impressed with the respectful and dignified way that HDRC’s wonderful staff and managers work with clients and carers.”

  • Edward Michael Barry

    Edward comes to the HDRC with a background in nursing over some 45 years, graduating from Royal Perth Hospital in 1973 and later from UNE with diplomas in Nursing Studies {education}  and Administration. He has had extensive experience in nurse education and nursing administration,and managed community health services in the north west of NSW  He has extensive knowledge and experience in the aged care sector. Prior to retirement, he managed a  well known aged care facility in Armidale, Autumn Lodge Village. He has experience as a nurse advisor to  persons with an intellectual disability.