Mission Statement

  • Our Mission

    To enrich the lives of people of all abilities at every stage of life.

  • Our Vision

    A fully inclusive community where people of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to be a valued part of, and enjoy, all that the community has to offer.

  • Our Commitment

    You are in charge of the decisions about your lifeWe develop and deliver quality experiences, content and outcome that are determined by and for you based on your preference, choice and independence throughout life.

    InclusivityWe will identify and develop the inherent values and qualities of all people that make unique contributions to our community.

    Dignity of RiskWe will be your champion and advocate within the bounds of our duty of care.

    Integrity We act with honesty and sincerity in all our relationships, decisions and actions.

    Responsive innovationWe will continually adapt and advance our service delivery in response to your changing needs and wants, and those of the community in which you live. We achieve this by the pursuing knowledge through research, ongoing education and reflective practice.

    CollaborationWe will pursue change and growth through connections with and contributions from the entire community.

    StewardshipWe act with accountability to you and the resources you have entrusted to HDRC, and by having the courage to do what is right.