What is family based respite

'Time-out' for the family and carer

We at Hastings District Respite Care take-over the caring role and provide the family and carer with ‘time-out’ that provides respite that is planned and time based. Our Family Based service is provided in the person's own home, another person's home or other suitable accommodation.

There are a number of different packages under this service. You can contact our staff to help you determine the type of respite service that meets your needs and we can advise you of the amount remaining in your current package.

Each person with a disability is assisted by a support worker who has been carefully matched with the interests and background of that person and their family.

Our programs are person-centred and focus on empowerment and choice. They are flexible and continually respond to the changing needs of the person with disability, their family and carer.

As part of this respite and with the help of the support worker, the person with disability has the option of enjoying recreational, leisure and social activities that allow them to interact and integrate with your community.

  • Trained staff and support workers
  • Recreational, leisure and social activities
  • Funding support from government and the community
  • Trained staff and support workers

    Our Family Based program is supported by staff and support workers who are fully trained in person-centred-care and have the necessary qualifications to support your needs.

    Please discuss any requirements with your support person and we will always try and meet your needs. 

  • Recreational, leisure and social activities

    Activities and meals within the community can be included for the person with disability. Where this cost is not taken from your package the community cost for these activities will normally be charged. You will be advised of the cost as part of the planning.

  • Support from trained volunteers

    Volunteers are a very important part of our service. They are trained and will support your program.

    Should you wish to volunteer to help and provide support, please contact our Manager Disability Services (Ms Joanne Redfern) on 02 6584 1153.

  • Funding support from the government and the community

    We are funded though State Government agencies and programmes. You will normally be required to meet certain government requirements to attend our centres. Please contact our Manager Disability Services (Ms Joanne Redfern) on 02 6584 1153 for more information.

    We actively seek grants and funding from individuals, community groups and businesses to support additional services and activities for you to enjoy.

    Please see the Logos of our supporters on the home page. Our donations page will be live in the near future.