Day Respite Programs

Group Social Programs

The availability of planned and managed respite provides the carer of a person with dementia with much needed respite and provides appropriate and meaningful activities and social interaction for the person living with dementia.

 At HDRC Services we take-over the caring role and provide the family and carer with 'time-out' while ensuring that people with dementia or memory loss are cared for in a safe environment and experience appropriately tailored and quality activities

We use The WISER Approach to Community Care which incorporates Montessori principles. It is a person-centred approach and places the person using our services at the centre of the decision making process when it comes to the support and services they require.

Each of our Day Respite Centres provides the following:

  • Enjoyable and interactive activities
  • Opportunity to make new friendships and keep in touch with old friends
  • Maintain involvement in the community through group outings
  • Transport if required
  • Nutritous morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
  • Specialist trained staff
  • Support from trained volunteers
  • Low cost contribution
  • Funding support from government and the community
  • Community and centre-based activities

    Community and centre-based activities at HDRC Services are all about the group members and their interests and skills.

    Group members have taken part in a 'surf and turf' program where they enjoyed regular community activities such as swimming, golf, yoga, canoeing, surfing, etc. To do these activities with other people makes them much more fun and enjoyable.

    We have small groups visit local places of interest such as Sea Acres, The Billabong, North Brother Mountain and enjoy boat trips around the bay of Port Macquarie for whale watching, fishing and simply relaxing. Group members also visit local pre-schools and primary schools to spend time interracting with the children and also to volunteer their time to support the schools in whatever way they can.

    In our centres we have simple and gentle exercise, creative arts (singing, dancing, art and drama), ginger beer brewing, gardening, woodworking, craft and indoor games (e.g. indoor bowling, darts, pool, table tennis, cards), just to name a few of the activities of interest. Local performers and musicians also visit our centres regularly.  Two of our respite centres have resident chooks that require care and attention and we welcome visits from Pattable Pets.

    Many people enjoy the company of new friends and use their time at the day centres to form new support networks.

  • Meals

    We have available quality 'home' cooking environments and provide nutritious morning tea and lunch. We will work with you should you have any special dietary requirements.

    You are welcome to join-in and help prepare the meals and set-up or clean-up afterwards.


  • Transport

    We have available six commuter buses and we are able to transport you from home to our centre and home again. We try very hard to meet all transport requests but this cannot always be guaranteed particularly when it is at a early or late time or for a much greater distance.

  • Trained staff

    Each centre has team leaders, senior support and support staff who are fully trained in person-centred-care and the Montessori approach for dementia and have the necessary qualifications to support your needs.

    Please discuss any requirements with the staff and we will always try and meet your needs.

  • Support from trained volunteers

    Volunteers are a very important part of our service. They are trained and will support your program and many carers and family members enjoy visiting our centres or joining you for community activities and outings.

    Should you wish to volunteer to help and provide support at our centres, please contact our Team Leader Ms Lisa Cutajar on 02 6584 1115.

  • Low cost contribution

    A small contribution of $15 covers meals, transport and activities for those participants who do not have a Home Care Package. If you receive a Home Care Package the contribution is charged at a higher rate as per Department of Health guidelines.

    The community cost is normally covered for out-of-centre activities but you may be asked for an additional charge for certain outings. You will be advised of this cost as part of the planning.

    No-one will be excluded from our centre or out-of-centre visits because they are unable to pay the full amount. Please discuss with our staff.

  • Funding support from the government and the community

    Funding is provided by the Department of Health under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). You will normally be required to meet certain government requirements to attend our centres. Please contact our Manager, Dementia and Aged Support Programs, Ms Julie Dunn on 02 6584 1115 for further information.

    We actively seek grants and funding from individuals, community groups and businesses to support additional services and activities for you to enjoy.

    Please see the Logos of our supporters on the home page.